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Flyer Edition


Brochure Edition

Monthly Annual$16.25/mo.
$29.95 $195

Catalog Edition

Monthly Annual$32.92/mo.
$49.95 $395

Enterprise Edition

Custom Quote
Max Product Families per Publication Note #1 1 100 1000 Custom
Max Number of On-Demand
Brochures Note #2
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max Number of On-Demand
Catalogs Note #2
Unlimited Unlimited
Max Number of
Always Fresh® Flyers (PDF per Product Page on Your Site)
1000 2500 7500 Custom
Max Number of
Always Fresh Brochures
 Note #3
10 30 Custom
Max Number of
Always Fresh Catalogs
 Note #3
10 Custom
Standard Plug-Ins
Custom Plug-Ins
Bleeds & crop marks
Max DPI 150
150 150
150 300
Standard Page Sizes
Standard Dynamic Layout Features
Standard Grid
Layout Features
Custom Page Size
Custom Margins
Override and supplementary data
Manufacturer logos
Category headers to 5 levels
Category-level descriptions and images
Multi-User for Sales Teams, etc.
$29.95 $195
Monthly Annual$16.25/mo.
$49.95 $395
Monthly Annual$32.92/mo.


The limit per publication applies to product families, not products. For example, if the soap comes in ten colors, that is one product family with 10 SKUs.


Brochures & catalogs have the same product layout options. However, catalogs also have inside/outside covers, table of contents, category headers, indexes, page inserts, and other related features.


Always Fresh brochures and catalogs have exactly the same appearance as on-demand brochures and catalogs. The difference is that Always Fresh publications are updated every night with your latest data and images. The links remains the same, which allows you to reliably post the links to your site, knowing that the PDFs will always be up-to-date.