Custom Content is the Hottest Marketing Trend — And Custom Print Catalogs Will Be One of the Delivery Vehicles

The vast majority — 78% — of marketers think custom content is the future of marketing. This nugget and many other useful statistics are available in an infographic from WebDAM.

This is consistent with what we are seeing at Catalog-on-Demand.

Marketers are moving away from a "one-size-fits-all" model for their print catalogs. Instead, they recognize that they can best serve their customer segments with catalogs that are targeted at specific niches, seasons, or even individual customers. And even more interestingly, they are enabling their sales reps and dealers to create custom catalogs, which we wrote about in this article.

So what better vehicle than these print catalogs, which are already targeted, for delivering your custom content? Nothing else compares when it comes to persistence and readability. Unlike an ebook, print does not disappear with the click of a mouse.

Custom content offers a powerful way to make your print catalogs more engaging, relevant, and valuable. Stay tuned for new developments from Catalog-on-Demand for including awesome content in print catalogs. Custom content and custom catalogs are made for one another!

Hey Content Marketing! Say Hello to Print Catalogs!
Print Catalogs and Content Marketing Get Together

These days content marketing is just about the hottest topic around. And for good reason — it really works! If you create relevant and useful content for your industry, you will attract and engage your target market. It will become a crucial competitive advantage that pays dividends year after year.

The rationale that is usually given for publishing quality content is to improve your standing with the search engines. Google knows that if people are staying on your site for a while, that probably means they found some useful content.

But improved ranking is not the most awesome thing about content marketing.

Multi-channel Marketing — Including Print Catalogs — Is Essential for Enterprises
Multi-channel marketing is essential

InfoTrends has released a study on the use of print across vertical markets in relation to competition from digital channels. They report, not surprisingly, that "In today’s new media world, print hasn’t lost its luster, but it is sharing the spotlight with other media".

They surveyed more than 1,000 enterprise-sized corporations across ten vertical markets. The study confirms the importance of a multi-channel communications strategy. According to Lisa Cross, Associate Director, this "is driven by organizations’ need to serve and communicate with customers that have different delivery requirements and preferences.” Print and electronic media are not exclusive — they need to be used together.