The Elegance of Print Publishing as a Manufacturing Process

If you want to make absolutely certain that your great content and product information is seen by your target audience, you can't do better than print.

Once they have that print publication in their hands, the chance of them spending quality time with your content goes up dramatically. It invites itself to be read, even if it is put down for a while. Not so with an eBook or online catalog. The smallest interruption will drive it off the screen, never to be seen again.

Lower Your Cost of Sales and "Get in Early" with Custom Print Catalogs

Everyone agrees about the toughest sales problem today — customers are mostly through the buy cycle before they contact a supplier. There is less opportunity for a sales person to engage the customer during their research phase. It is harder to influence the buying decision by getting involved early in the game.

Hey Content Marketing! Say Hello to Print Catalogs!
Print Catalogs and Content Marketing Get Together

These days content marketing is just about the hottest topic around. And for good reason — it really works! If you create relevant and useful content for your industry, you will attract and engage your target market. It will become a crucial competitive advantage that pays dividends year after year.

The rationale that is usually given for publishing quality content is to improve your standing with the search engines. Google knows that if people are staying on your site for a while, that probably means they found some useful content.

But improved ranking is not the most awesome thing about content marketing.