Dramatic Growth in Scans Makes Compelling Case for QR Codes in Print Catalogs
Growth in mobile scans through Q3 2013

ScanLife shows a 40% growth rate in scanning, comparing Q3 2013 to the same time period last year. This rate of growth is far greater than anyone was expecting. ScanLife alone handled 24 million scans in that period. These are stunning numbers.

Even more interestingly, the second most common reason for scans was to get more product information. This is a powerful argument for using QR codes in your print catalogs. It positions print catalogs as a primary driver of web traffic — even for B2B.

Custom Print Catalogs and the Sales Funnel
Print Catalogs can be part of marketing automation in the sales funnel

John Foley provides an excellent summary of marketing automation and the sales funnel. He makes the point that "automated marketing allows for personalized responses to go back out to these new leads, warming them up for the sales team".

Certainly one of those responses should be a custom print catalog or brochure. It is the ideal way to show a prospect that you understand their requirements. Nothing will wow them quite like receiving a publication that is tailored exactly to their needs.

Print Catalogs Become a Powerful Research Tool with Real-Time Reports
Now Print Catalogs Can Give You Real-Time Action Reports

Marketers — here is a new tool in your arsenal. We are calling it a "Real-Time Catalog Action Report". On a per publication basis, you can see how many downloads, how many scans & clicks, and which products received the most attention.

You will look at print catalogs in a new light. It completely changes their value proposition.