Dramatic Growth in Scans Makes Compelling Case for QR Codes in Print Catalogs
Growth in mobile scans through Q3 2013 Growth in mobile scans through Q3 2013

ScanLife shows a 40% growth rate in scanning, comparing Q3 2013 to the same time period last year. This rate of growth is far greater than anyone was expecting. ScanLife alone handled 24 million scans in that period. These are stunning numbers.

Even more interestingly, the second most common reason for scans was to get more product information. This is a powerful argument for using QR codes in your print catalogs. It positions print catalogs as a primary driver of web traffic — even for B2B.

Simple, Free, Fast, and Great Analytics

The QR code is so popular because it is simple, free, can be quickly read with any cell phone, and works for any URL. And when used with a tool such as Catalog-on-Demand, all scans are tracked. This gives you valuable marketing analytics. The more publications you create and distribute, the more data you collect, and the more insight you have into your target audiences.

Make Your Print Catalog an Interactive Mobile Experience

QR codes offer a way to be smarter with your customers. Guiding them to your site from a catalog is way to move them along in the sales cycle. You can introduce additional product information, provide a way to get questions answered, present video clips, and engage them socially. They offer you a way to make your print catalog an interactive mobile experience.
Tips for Successful Print Catalog Automation