15 Tips for Successful Print Catalog Automation
eBook on Tips for Successful Print Catalog Automation eBook on Tips for Successful Print Catalog Automation

Compared to traditional methods of creating print catalogs, there are huge advantages to 100% automation:

  • Cost savings
  • Accuracy & consistency
  • Easily create niche catalogs
  • Sales reps, dealers, and distributors can make catalogs for their customers
  • Catalogs can be auto-updated to match changing data

We have been automating catalogs for more than 20 years. In order to see our recommendations for ensuring positive customer reviews and maximizing sales, download our eBook on this subject. It gives numerous real-world examples, each illustrated with excerpts from actual customer publications. Topics include:

  • Composite images — examples of combining product views into a single image that is automatically placed with the corresponding description, bullets, and variants.
  • Images as attributes — Useful for certifications, country of manufacture, and other purposes
  • Emphasis on variant detail — More detail about variants inspires greater confidence in your products.
  • Variant images and icons — The more you can illustrate about differences between variants, the better.
  • Bullets in descriptions — Particularly for automated print catalogs, this helps if you use auto-truncation for page-fit purposes
  • Auto layout switching — Rather than forcing all products to the same width on the page, use smart automation to arrange the products for best fit.

The eBook covers these topics and more. Each one is shown with an example from a catalog. We hope this will help you plan your upcoming print catalog automation project. Let us know if we can help in any way!

Tips for Successful Print Catalog Automation