Make Cool Print Catalogs with Magento Grouped Products
Magento grouped products make cool print catalogsMagento grouped products make cool print catalogs

If you've been working with Magento a while, you know about the "grouped product" feature. It lets you put several products on one product page. This is particularly useful for sets of related products.

What you probably did not know is that this feature also makes for interesting print catalogs. If you really want to grab your customer's attention, try giving them a custom catalog that includes one or more grouped products. The layout is especially nice if each of the simple products within the grouped product has its own product image. And it is better still if you have an image at the group level too.

Once you have your grouped products set up in Magento, no additional configuration work is required in Catalog-on-Demand. The layout is completely automatic. If Catalog-on-Demand detects that there are images at the "simple product" level, it automatically displays the images in a vertical arrangement. If you have lots of simple products, they will be nicely stacked up on the page. And don't worry if only some of your simple products have an image. Catalog-on-Demand will handle that just fine. Give it a try! Let us know if you have any problems or questions.

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