Magento Configurable Products Look Good in Print Catalogs
A Magento configurable product in a print catalogA Magento configurable product in a print catalog

Magento does an excellent job of letting you set up products that have options — called "configurable products".

A typical example is shown in the Magento demo with the Zolof t-shirt. This t-shirt comes in three sizes and two colors. This works out to six different combinations, which Magento calls "variants". You set up each variant as a simple product.

Magento's configurable products let you pull the variants together in a way that makes it simple for your site visitors. Click here for a good tutorial on the subject.

As seen in this screenshot, Catalog-on-Demand offers a very nice way of presenting configurable products in a PDF. The process is completely automatic. No extra steps are required to have configurable products appear in this type of table structure. Even the column widths are computed automatically.

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