A Better Print Solution for Every Magento Product Page

Magento store owners can now replace their print-this-page buttons with a link to a high-quality, pre-made PDF. Each PDF features the product information contained on that page. In addition, the print-ready PDF can be branded with the store logo, colors, message, contact information, and more. You can even include filler ads, which will take up the extra white space with your artwork and messages. Plus every PDF contains a unique QR code. A mobile user can quickly scan the code on the print-out, and be taken directly to that product page on the Magento site.

Best of all, the entire process is automated. Once you have completed your configuration, just click one button to create all the PDFs. One check box in the Magento extension causes a PDF link to appear on every product page.

From that point forward, the PDFs are automatically updated within 24 hours of data changes.