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Catalog-on-Demand from Object Publishing Software, Inc. (OPS) is the smartest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to make print catalogs from the content of e-commerce, ERP, and other corporate databases. Our cloud-based, scalable solutions are trusted by hundreds of small and large businesses throughout the world, enabling them to increase market share and revenue. Millions of published pages have been produced, and thousands more each day.


Founded in 1993, OPS is a privately-held company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It developed its core publishing technology in partnership with 3M, one of the largest and most innovative manufacturers in the world. OPS grew quickly through sales of licensed database publishing solutions to mid- and large-sized companies.

Long before others were even aware of the concept, OPS was preparing for the coming revolution presented by the idea of "software as a service". OPS recognized that most enterprise software solutions of the 1990's were too expensive and difficult for IT departments to manage. By 2000, OPS began shifting to a business model that centered on Internet-based hosting of sophisticated automated publishing solutions. Its flagship service was named Catalog-on-Demand®. In contrast to its earlier emphasis on large companies, the new web service model was suited for businesses of all sizes.

Supported industries include office furniture, marine supply, automotive parts, chemical supply, medical supply, appliance parts, scientific equipment, telecommunications, industrial wholesale, education, toys and games, jewelry, fashion, heavy equipment, household supplies, wine, specialty foods, and many others.


For small businesses that need to be up and running quickly, there are off-the-shelf editions of Catalog-on-Demand. Please visit our home page for additional information, links, and pricing.

For companies with unique needs, OPS offers tailored enterprise solutions. For more than 20 years we have been helping companies grow sales through custom publishing. Please contact us about solutions that will integrate with your existing systems and meet your most complex business requirements.

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